The Follow Button

The Follow Button (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Alright, so your music is… (fire whooshing) And you're ready to build a following of fans that keep up with your new releases and shows. Introducing the Follow button. Actually, it looks like this.

The Follow button is your connection to your fans and their connection to you.


So if Alexis in Detroit or Mateo in Barcelona find you on Discover Weekly, our playlist of songs we think they'll love, they can click the Follow button and just like that, stay up to date with you. They'll even get a email once you announce a new tour date near them. – Think of followers as your future fan club. – [Narrator] Here's X. – What's happening? – [Narrator] From here at Spotify. – Feel like I had a burp comin' up. Alright, think I got it. The Follow button on the artist profile is really important. If you hit that Follow button as a user, you get all the updated songs and information from that artist sent directly to you. – [Narrator] And with Release Radar, followers and listeners stay notified on artists' latest releases. Here's Miles. – Hey. – [Narrator] He's a product manager on the Spotify for Artists team. – Every user on Spotify has their own Release Radar playlist kind of like how every user in social media has their own feed and every time you put out a song, it gets dripped into every feed of your followers automatically. If you have 10 followers, you're gonna get dripped into ten Release Radars.

How to get many followers

100 followers, 100 Release Radars. 100,000 followers… – [Narrator] Whoah, that's like 100,000 fans. – It's a win-win. – I think Release Radar is one of the biggest points of discovery. – Here's synth pop artist Ariana and the Rose. – Hey. – [Narrator] Nice jacket by the way. – I love it 'cause I love everything having to do with space. I think as an artist it's really important to cultivate more followers and it's just fun. You know if someones following you they just get to know immediately when your music's coming out. – You can put the Follow button on your website so that people who come to your website know to follow you on Spotify. – A follower's a fan and ultimately it's about being able to connect with fans. – [Narrator] Aight, get those fans to hit follow and check out the next episode.

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