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In this video, I'll show you how to play music offline on Spotify but before I begin I would like to let you know that I am using an iPhone, so things might be slightly different for you if you're using an Android.

But they're pretty much very similar, so you shouldn't worry too much And then one other thing, in order to play music offline, you have to have a premium account in order to be able to Play music offline Alright, so let's begin First start off by opening up your Spotify When you have it open Get this, I'll show you how to play it like a specific album offline alright, so first go and search for the music and as you can see I was already searching Michael Jackson and I would like to play the Thriller album offline Ok oh, it's Thriller.

These are singles So go to the album or sound When you get there. Do you see under where it says "Shuffle Play", it says "Download" Right now.


How you play music offline on Spotify

It's not downloaded. So to download this album and play it offline I just have to click on the little white dot and it'll turn green So now it's downloading as you can see, it's downloading all these songs It's downloading all of them, alright, once it has completely downloading and to just demonstrate Turn off my Wi-Fi and also turn off my data You don't have to worry about this part Spotify, I'm turning off my data also. Alright, now you see it was turned off. I open Spotify And it's just telling me cellular data is turned off Go to so. after you've downloaded the music, so keep the Wi-Fi or data on while you're downloading the music. After you've done downloading the music, turn it off and go to your library On the bottom right corner, if you're using an Android phone things might be slightly different But go to your library and then click and on the library, click on where it says downloads then find the album. I think the most recent one is kept at the bottom And there you go, you can see Thriller there you go, as you can see that's how you play music offline on Spotify.

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