What is the date today 2


if the war kept going on more than this, victims would increase. America used bomb to end the war I think dropping bomb was necessary a little bit. But it was so sad that many people died because of bomb attack I think it was not necessary. America attacked Japan so many times before dropped bomb. it was already enough for Japan to surrender. It was necessary. The war ended because of it.



The bomb was so destructive. well it was not good way to end the war there was no way to end the war Japan didn't give up easily America dropped the bomb for end the war They avoided for awful results and Kept victims to a bare minimum But America didn't need to use it. they use it because Japan didn't surrender. But it was not right to use bomb. there was much more wise way to end the war Does Japan would make war in the future? Security-related legislation is changing now. that why Japan get to easily take part in war more than ever. but Japanese people didn't change their minds so far.

We don't want to make war. besides, depends on neighbor countries behaviors. Yes, we will make war in the future. yesterday, I heard the news that Japan will help transport weapons. Japan will do logistic support. it means that Japan takes part in war at the back. I really don't know about future.


But I don't want Japan to take part in war. I am so old but young people will be hard, if the war happen. Died by attack is better rather than possess weapons. I don't want to take part in war purposely which countries could be enemy of Japan?

East Asia and America's enemies Japan helps America For example Islam and middle east. Actually Japan will take part in American's war.

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