How to Read Your Data

How to Read Your Data (lively music) – [Narrator] Alright, it's time to take in your Spotify for Artists numbers. Because understanding the data behind your music should be easy. You know what isn't easy? (car honking) Finding your tour van keys.

Let's look at the timeline feature. It analyzes your total streams and followers.


Spotify Artists team

Here to tell us more, is Emily. She works on the Spotify for Artists team. – It's a long wave (laughs). I'm regretting my hand motion too. With Spotify for Artists, you can view detailed stats so you can understand which songs listeners are liking the most. We also show stats for all different types of playlists you've been added to. So that's playlists created by Spotify editors and Spotify algorithms, but also playlists created by listeners themselves. – [Narrator] User-researcher Kamaya can explain this. – Hello. You might be added to a playlist that's super unexpected for you.

Maybe you didn't even know that your polka song could be considered Krush Groovin 2025. But now, maybe you need to focus on pushing Krush Groovin 2025 music. Who knows? – [Narrator] Aight, what do you guys think? (laughs) – What's up everybody. We're slenderbodies. – [Narrator] They used to see themselves as Indie pop artists, but now… – Through the Spotify data we've come to realize that a lot of people consider us an electronic artists. We fell into categories such as like Chill Pop or Chill Vibes.

It's just surprising to see that considering how organic our sound is. – We love the outdoors. – We love the outdoors. – I've got little trees on my shirt. – Maybe like there's a future for us kinda like doing some DJ sets on the side rather than just playing full live musician sets with a live band. – That's the point. Data can help you learn things that maybe you hadn't even thought about before. – [Narrator] I like the sound of that. Aight, that's it for now.

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