How to Change Password on Twitter

How to Change Password on Twitter Hey everyone. In this text, I wanted to show you how you could change your Twitter password. So Twitter just announced that you should change your password to all 336 million accounts that it has.

Because the passwords are not secure, but for any reason if you want to change your password, this is the text for you.


Step 1

I'll show you how to do it on the mobile app and then I'll jump into the computer and show you how to do it on there. So on the mobile app, make sure you're on your home page and go ahead and click the icon, your logo icon on the top left of the screen. That will take you to this page where you should see setting and privacy. Go ahead and click that.

You should see that account option right on top. Go ahead and click that and under that, you should see change password. Go ahead and click that next and here you'll need your current password. And then you need to put a new password and confirm that new password.

Step 2

Once you do that, go ahead and press done and just like that you've reset your password on a mobile device. Let's jump into the computer, so I could show you how to do it. It's basically the same process. So on a desktop, go to

Step 3

I'm on my page here, and you want to click your icon here, and you should see a drop down that says setting and privacy right here in the middle of it, go ahead and click that And that will show you this page, where on the side, you should see password go ahead and click that and again just like on the phone, you could put in your current password and then put a new and verify the password and save changes. And that will save it on the desktop. I hope you found this lifehack helpful. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel. I post easy to follow tech tutorials five times a week.

Thanks so much for reading.

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