Making music

It's not the present all the way yet. I'm making music about my future trying to make it a reality type shit. It's still inspirational and I made it for people to vibe to. It's like easy for people to you know.

It’s a turn up song you know what I’m saying. No, I haven't got the Porsche or the 'Rari yet.


I can get it, if I want to. I'm about to do some crazy shit with a Apple watch. I'm like, on the jewelry level, like people not fucking with me. Fuck just the chain. I’m about to do a lot of shit. It's all types of bad bitches. A bad bitch is just a bad bitch.

You just gotta be smart. You smart and loyal, you fye. Bro, I buy so much damn clothes. I do this often though.

Why so sample? Just make it!

I usually, every time I go shopping I spend a band or higher on one item. And then I just get multiple of those items. I fucked with the new Gucci shit that's coming out. I mean, it was just like the regular mom son, “Nigga I'ma make it.” You know how moms be. They’ll back you up on it but then again they tryna face reality. She believed in me, but she, you know what I'm sayin'? Don't nobody really make it.

Especially where I'm from. Nobody made it, know what I'm sayin'? Only me and Marilyn Manson. I just got smarter to a lot of shit in the industry. It made me a savage in a way. Industry savage 'cause I’m smart with my business. What I wanted to do was music so I just do that a lot.

I get paid a lot. I'm not saying like, people shouldn't want to work a 9-5 or anything, but, I just look at that shit, like, I don't know. I be in some other shit.

I be feeling like that's slavery work where robots could be doing that shit you know what I’m saying. I just feel like everybody should have a greater purpose.

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