How to share a Spotify song right into Instagram story

Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could share a Spotify song right into your Instagram story. So you obviously need the latest version on Instagram and the latest version of Spotify and to get started, we'll go to Spotify and we want to just queue up the song that we want to share.

So either if you're playing it or if you're on this page of the song, in order to share it, I'm gonna press the three dots right on top. I'm on iPhone here. So this is how I'm gonna share it and to share, just press share here.

It is VERY easy!

And this is a new option that lets you share it in Instagram stories. All the other options have been here for a while. But now if you click on Instagram stories, it will launch Instagram and it will just take you to your story and it will set up the graphic for you So everything is set. So I'll just have to say sent to, and I'll just share it to my story here and then press done and now I could view it on my story, and this is what it looks like on my story.

Now to play it if you're someone else and you come across a song like this you have to press play on Spotify, and open Spotify and it'll take you right there on your phone onto the Spotify app. So if you see people sharing this on their Instagram, that's how you open it. Click your story on top. Open in Spotify and then it will queue up that song and start playing it on your phone on your Spotify.

So that's how you share songs on Instagram story through Spotify. I hope you found this useful. If it's your first time here, I make easy-to-follow social media tech videos five times a week, so please consider subscribing.

As always, thank you so much for watching this one.

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